About STAT

STAT is designed to help educators understand secondary traumatic stress (STS) and provide ways to mitigate its effects through the use of self-care techniques and a variety of helpful resources. This user-friendly curriculum allows participants to engage in a range of STS learning interactives, explore scenarios that highlight the impact of STS, listen to teachers describe their experiences with STS and self-care, and complete self-assessment scales that can measure and track STS levels over time. STAT brings much-needed attention and understanding of secondary trauma to the field of preK-12 education.

Developed through an academic-community partnership, STAT draws from existing evidence around STS as well as the real-world realities of educators. An early evaluation demonstrated that the STAT intervention improved educators’ knowledge about STS.

STAT users will gain a basic understanding of STS and learn to differentiate between trauma and stress. Users will learn the common signs and risk factors associated with STS, and they will learn how to assess their personal level of STS as well as how it may be affecting various aspects of their lives. The STAT curriculum takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. The course can be taken at each user’s pace and picks up wherever a user left off.

No prior training is required to take STAT. The STAT curriculum is appropriate for any adult who interacts with students on a school campus.

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STAT accounts provide access to the online course. Fees cover server and technical support costs and are not used for profit.

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