About Racial Trauma Module

The Racial Trauma Module (RTM) is a psychoeducational module that can be delivered as a standalone module, as part of the CBITS curriculum, or as an add-on to the SSET curriculum. It provides youth with an overview of the effects of racism on levels of traumatic stress. In addition, the RTM provides school staff and adults with the foundational tools they need to acknowledge the effects of racism on youth by providing skills to create a space for students to talk about the impact of racism.  

The RTM was developed and piloted by Dr. Won-Fong Lau Johnson at a juvenile justice facility in the state of Washington from 2017 to 2020. The research and evaluation for the RTM was funded by the Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice with Office of Juvenile Justice.  

Since the initial development of the module (originally named CBITS-CA, now called CBITS+RTM), research has demonstrated promising results. A pilot study conducted by Dr. Won-Fong Lau Johnson in collaboration with Community Passageways at a juvenile justice facility indicated that the module increased staff members’ ability to identify the impact of racism on traumatic stress. Results for youth participants indicated a positive trend toward a decrease in depression and, for youth of color in particular, a positive trend toward a decrease in anxiety symptoms. To view the study, email us

The RTM can be delivered by professionals in child-serving institutions. To complete the module in its entirety, providers should reserve up to two 50-minute group sessions with students.  

The RTM has been implemented in schools, juvenile justice facilities, and community mental health settings. In the pilot study, the module was implemented by nonclinicians at a juvenile justice facility, and it has since been successfully implemented in other child-serving institutions by both clinicians and nonclinicians.

Individuals can receive RTM training through several formats: live trainings in person or virtual. The training lasts 1 day.

To learn more about our trainings, read our Training Manual. Email us for information about scheduling a live or virtual training.

RTM trainers undergo a thorough train-the-trainer process. We are proud to highlight our certified faculty and national trainers.

Faculty/National Trainers National Trainers

Won-Fong Lau Johnson, PhD, NCSP (RTM Developer) 

Adriana Rodriguez, PhD 

Erum Nadeem, PhD 

Kimani Norrington-Sands, PhD 

Maria Hu, PhD 


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