The Center’s Mission

The Center for Resiliency, Hope, and Wellness promotes trauma-informed school systems that provide prevention and early intervention strategies, with the goal of creating equitable, supportive, and nurturing school environments. For over two decades, we have partnered with schools and communities to increase access to evidence-based trauma interventions for schools with ethnically, racially, and linguistically diverse student populations.

In 2021, the Center for Resiliency, Hope, and Wellness in Schools merged with the Center for Safe & Resilient Schools and Workplaces (CSR) to expand this mission. Today, CSR continues to develop new trainings, interventions, and resources to meet the needs of school districts as they create safe and supportive school environments.

Our mission is to provide equitable and inclusive access to high-quality care in every school.


Trauma-Informed Schools

Trauma-informed schools have two overarching goals: to provide tools and strategies to adults and students that promote coping with extreme situations and to create a culture of respect and support.