About Bounce Back

An adaptation of CBITS, the Bounce Back program helps school-based clinicians work with children in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Like CBITS, the program is intended for students exposed to at least one traumatic event who are experiencing traumatic stress symptoms.

The Center and its partners have studied the effectiveness of Bounce Back. A peer-reviewed study of Bounce Back demonstrated that participating in the program reduced reports of PTSD, anxiety, and depressive symptoms among children.

Additional information about the effectiveness of Bounce Back is available through California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse, Crime Solutions, and National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN).

Over ten sessions in a group format, Bounce Back incorporates games and activities that teach core skills for coping with and healing from traumatic events. These sessions are supplemented by individual child and child-caregiver sessions designed to help participants develop and share trauma narratives. Providers also reach out to classroom teachers to keep them informed about what is happening in the groups.

The program is disseminated and implemented widely across the United States, with program materials available in English and Spanish.

Clinicians can receive Bounce Back training through several formats: live trainings (in person or virtual) and online. Although our live trainings with certified trainers are considered the gold-standard training approach, the online training is another great option when a live training is not feasible.

To learn more about our trainings, read our Training Menu. Trainings are available in English and Spanish. Email us for more information about scheduling a live training.

Bounce Back trainers undergo a thorough train-the-trainer process. We are proud to highlight our certified faculty, national trainers, and regional trainers. 

Faculty/National Trainers National Trainers Regional Trainers

Audra Langley, PhD

Lisa Jaycox, PhD

Erum Nadeem, PhD

Sharon Hoover, PhD

Kristin Dean, PhD

Araceli Gonzalez, PhD

Marisa Faynsod, LCSW

Maria Hu Hydon, DSW

Adriana Rodriguez, PhD

Sybil Baker, LCSW (Midwest)

Tali Raviv, PhD (Midwest)

Jennifer Wilgocki, LCSW (Midwest)

Erika Rubenstein, PhD (West)

Megan Zimmer, LCSW (Northeast)

Beth Cooney, LCSW (South)

Josh Webb, LCSW (Northwest)

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