Focus on Anti-Racism

We stand with Black Lives Matter, and we join anti-racist efforts to make our society one where all students of color thrive.

In this time of personal and societal introspection, reexamination, and protest, we at the Center for Resiliency, Hope, and Wellness in Schools stand with Black Lives Matter and the AAPI Community. We join the anti-racism movement to look for ways to make our society one of health, healing, and equity, to make it a place where Black students, Asian students, and all students of color can thrive. We recognize that helping students recover from trauma focuses on healing after a trauma occurs, not on the systematic policies and institutions that set them up to be exposed to violence, trauma, marginalization, and racism in the first place. We commit to examining our own work, privilege, and unconscious biases as we move forward in this community-partnered work.