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Advocating for LGBTQ Youth Issues in Schools

Posted on December 16, 2013

Brian Navarro (bio) communicates the importance of talking to policy-makers about LGBTQ interests.

I'm a social worker by discipline, so I think it's in our blood to advocate and really look at systems in a larger type scale, so for me as an individual, I'm going to be really interacting and advocating for my client with some of those power brokers, whether on a school level it's a principal or a little bit higher on an administrative level. And I think we can't minimize that social interactions also have a strong effect on policy, on change.

In regards to that, oftentimes I find myself in a restaurant or having a meal with somebody that also has a hand in policy making, and that's an opportunity for me to really give my story or a story of a client that I've been working with, to really have them have a mind change or a change in maybe how they see the world. So, to offer that to them, so that when they're really making policies, they could really begin to incorporate that.


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