Lisa Jaycox

Why SSET Was Created

Posted on September 12, 2013

Lisa Jaycox (bio) talks about the needs that drove the creation of the SSET program.

We originally developed the CBITS program, and we're really proud of it. But a lot of the school systems that we were dealing with, they would say, "We don't have those kinds of mental health clinicians, and so do you have anything for our teachers or school counselors, something they could implement?"

For a while, mental health services in schools were really expanding, but then they were starting to contract a little bit, and that left a lot of schools without other options. So, we developed the SSET program in order to be able to meet that need and were able to get funding to do it right, do it slowly, with a lot of input from educators, focus groups with parents and teachers, and then develop a program and pilot test it so that we were more confident in how it would work.


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