Support for Students Exposed to Trauma

Support for Students Exposed to Trauma (SSET) is an evidence-based intervention focused on managing the distress that results from exposure to trauma. Designed to be implemented by teachers or school counselors with groups or 8-10 students, SSET is a 10-lesson curriculum. The program includes skill-building techniques to reduce current problems with anxiety, worry, and depressed mood and to help students deal with real-life problems and stressors. The SSET program encourages students to draw or write about their traumatic experiences in order to process their emotions.

Particularly useful is situations where there is no or limited support from mental-health clinicians, SSET provides teachers with the tools and confidence to support trauma-exposed students, whether the trauma is environmental and chronic or is related to a single traumatic event. 

Training to implement the SSET program is available online or through in-person training. Visit for more information.


  Hear Lisa Jaycox describe the components of the SSET program.