First Emergence of LGBTQ Identity

Brian Navarro (bio) discusses when LGBTQ identity can emerge.

I think we have a wide range or a spectrum where we might see children maybe acting out. We might some kind of internalizers and some externalizers, and maybe for some of our youth who might come to terms or start to recognize that they're not conforming to the societal norms, they might already begin to see that at an early age.

When we working with transgender youth, we might have reports that around three, four, five years old is that when they become aware that their gender presentation or biological gender is not really matching with what they believe, so we might see it an early age. But often times I think when we might be really confronted with it in a school setting is going to be in a middle school time and definitely in high school.

And you know, I think often times when a child comes to a place when they're going to be expressing or talking about their gender or their sexual identity, that they've been thinking about it or having feelings about it for some time prior to them even expressing it verbally.

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Excerpted from an interview at CBITS Summit 2013 in Santa Monica, CA.


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