Resources for Dealing With Cyberbullying in Schools

Tracy Webb (bio) recommends a website for schools, parents, and students to learn about using technology wisely.

As far as resources are concerned for schools, it really sort of depends on the school and what kind of abilities they have or what kind of need that they have. I have yet to see a school, in all the years I've been doing this, that doesn't have some sort of a need. Even the schools that say, "Oh, that doesn't happen here" It happens there.

So there are lots of resources out there. We tend to use the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (, which is sort of a quasi-federal agency that does — they're the people that do Amber Alerts, but they also do a whole lot of really good research and training and outreach as far as all different kinds of technology, facilitated crimes, and cyberbullying, and things like that.

So they have a curriculum for schools. They have a website for parents and directions and ideas for parents. They have a subsidiary site for kids from preschool all the way up to high school, where they have age appropriate interactive games and activities that the kids can do that they think are fun and they don't realize that they're learning something, hopefully.

There are a lot of resources, both good and not so good, out there, but we tend to turn to the National Center just because they're very, very up to date as far as the technology and what issues are going on out there.

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Excerpted from an interview at CBITS Summit 2013 in Santa Monica, CA.


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