Michelle Woodbridge

Training Maximizes Investment in Evidence-Based Practices

Posted on December 19, 2013

Michelle Woodbridge (bio) advocates training to ensure fidelity of evidence-based practices.

I think the wonderful thing about evidence-based practice is that typically those interventions come as a package, and once you invest in that package and the training, the materials, and the manual and invest in the human element, the actual training your mental health clinicians or providers or implementers up to the standard fidelity to ensure that they are practicing and deploying that intervention to the way it should be deployed so that you should get the effects, that's just a wonderful investment for the future.

So we have been able to provide them with the initial costs to support them with the training costs and with the material costs but we also think that more importantly we've been able to provide sustainability for the intervention by that human element, by training those folks up to fidelity so that they, years later when we're gone and the grant funds are gone, they have been provided with the professional development they need to carry on this practice for years and years to come.


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