Marleen Wong

Optimal Training for Psychological First Aid

Posted on December 19, 2013

Marleen Wong (bio) describes the best scenario for PFA training.

Training teachers and other staff at schools, so it could be the school librarian, the school secretary, the educational aides, the custodian, because every single person, every single adult in the school can be important in helping a child to feel safe in school after a crisis event.

Optimally, training would take about two and a half hours, and it should take place before a crisis occurs where they can sit down, and we can not only teach them about the five phases but we can provide them with opportunities to practice that and give them different scenarios in which they can learn about how they would put in their own words questions that they would ask students, what they might say in the protect phase or the connect phase; how they could talk about people in their schools who are behavioral role models for them as well as for the kids.


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