Carl Sumi

Resource Mapping Identifies Time for Positive Behavior Supports

Posted on December 19, 2013

Carl Sumi (bio) shares a strategy for taking a close look at how programs use time.

One of the neat things that I like to do on PBS is that at the beginning when you're talking about possibly starting schoolwide PBS, is have schools take a paper, and they list all the teams that they have. We have DARE, and we have this afterschool program, and we have this, and we have that. You list all of them on the left-hand side.

Across the top you write what are the goals of these programs, and you start eliminating ones that, one, have no evidence, two, they're duplicating efforts, and then all of sudden you're starting to see there is time to be had here. You definitely can't just add one more thing onto the plate. You need to look and see what's not working, or what's just — you have regular meetings once a month to do X, Y, Z, well, to what end?

It's extremely important that you take a really close look and do a resource mapping of what you're doing, and what you have, and where you're trying to go, and what you're trying to do with your resources. They always talk about doing the least amount of work to get the biggest amount of impact, and that's what you really need to be investigating when you're doing schoolwide PBS.


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